Somaderm Gel

SOMADERM Gel is the only homeopathic transdermal FDA Registered HGH Product available without a prescription with real HGH glandular support with transdermal delivery. SOMADERM Gel is formulated using a nearly identical version of the naturally occurring human growth hormone called Somatropin. As a homeopathic form of Somatropin, SOMADERM Gel has been shown to be safe and effective for both men and women over the age of 35.

Because SOMADERM Gel is applied topically within 5-10 minutes the gel is quickly absorbed in the bloodstream. Taking human growth hormone orally is show to be ineffective as it is easily destroyed by the enzymes in our saliva and gut. This makes SOMADERM Gel superior to any other growth hormone supplement on the market.

Symptoms of HGH deficiency include fatigue, decreased lean body mass, abdominal obesity and weight gain, decreased physical strength, decreased muscle mass, reduced cardiac performance, impaired sense of wellbeing, and poor sleep. If you are interested in correcting these problems please contact the office – 908-447-3183 or email for
additional information or follow this link to order now.

Some Expected Benefits May Include:
Reduction of wrinkles
Restoring hair loss and hair color
improving vision
Elevating mood and improving sleep
Normalizing blood pressure
Assist in wound healing
Restoring the size of the liver, pancreas, heart and other organs that shrink with age
Increased life expectancy
Enhancing sexual performance
Improving exercise capacity
Improving quality of deep sleep
Enhancing energy levels
Tighter, more hydrated, smoother skin
Decrease in body fat
Increase in lean body mass
Strengthened immune system
Sharper memory and concentration
Improving cholesterol profile
Reducing appetite
Enhance feeling of wellbeing
Reduced cellulite